Newham High Streets: what is their future?

Newham High Streets: what is their future?

Everyone is invited – Chamber members and non-members – to join a Newham Council/Chamber Zoom meeting next Tuesday (June 23rd) via the link below.

It is focussing on what has been done for the shopping community during the COVID-19 virus and what can be done to boost the local high streets economy in the future. The Government has a four-year programme to offer, follow-up and finance ideas, the Greater London Council’s economy committee had a discussion on Tuesday and the council is keen to be involved.

This is the first joint event since the coronavirus hit. Let’s make it a positive, productive one. You do not have to be a shopkeeper. We are all customers and if we do not support our local shops they will close.

Tuesday 23/06/2020 at 1pm.

How to join?
Join Zoom Meeting via the link below:

Meeting ID: 974 0268 5633
Password: 7111