The first session of the Green business forum took place on 4th September 2017 during the Newham Chamber breakfast meeting. It began with a brief introduction of what the forum is about and what it means to be a Green Business.

Businesses need to start thinking about how they can make their supply chain greener and even small businesses can do this. It makes sense now and for the future generation both in health and financial terms. We also need to think about what role can we expect the Newham council to play in creating an enabling environment for businesses to become more environmentally sustainable.

The purpose of the forum is to create a platform for businesses within the chamber to,

  1. discuss issues around environmental sustainability,
  2. Encourage questions and research into how you can improve your environmental sustainability as a business and within our community and
  3. Encourage sharing of information, resources and knowledge to enable all Newham Chamber businesses to become more sustainable.

What is environmental sustainability?

Sustainability is a complex concept. The most often quoted definition comes from the UN Bruntland commission: “sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

It is about sustaining and preserving life as we know it. No one really knows how much time we have left. It is stewardship of our planet earth and preserving it for many more generations to come.

Why is it necessary?

What will Newham and Newham businesses gain from becoming greener? In order for businesses to survive and grow into future generations it is necessary that we look at the way we do business and how sustainable our supply chains are now. It is only by talking about it and putting it at the forefront of our minds that things will change.

We need big business, small business and the public sector the council all to be involved to make Newham Greener and to drive change in behaviour amongst consumers and residents.

How will the Green Business forum work?

The Green Business Forum will be a resource point to share Green news and ideas on best green practice.

  • There will be a chamber meeting once a quarter themed around the environment with a speakers talking about green business issuesand sharing ideas.
  • There will be a section within the chamber’s website dedicated to Green Business Issues.
  • There will be a blog as part of the website where members can post green information and news about environmental laws, products, etc.
  • This can also be used to exchange ideas and thoughts about the environmental impact of any local area development plans

Note – none of the information shared by this forum constitutes a recommendation or endorsement by the chamber but just a way that people can share ideas.

Hear from a business doing it already (see blog page)

If you would like to be part of this forum or contribute an article or case study please contact John James at