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First Green Business Forum presentation

First Green Business Forum presentation took place during the breakfast meeting held at the Good Hotel On 4th of September 2017

We discussed the purpose of the forum and then the Green Business of the year 2016 award Winner Meena Joshi of Aardra Systems Ltd gave a talk about her business.

Hear from a business doing it already in the Environmental Sustainability space

Meena Joshi is the CEO of Aardra. She runs the business with her husband and her son.

Let me tell you a bit more about our business:-

We are a LTD company based in East London, UK and we are a Research, Developer and manufacturer of water Management systems that is an intelligent electronic structure that senses the moisture in the soil and responds accordingly to adequately supply the soil with water.

As you may be aware, water resource is depleting globally and in some countries resulting in the cause of droughts while various parts of the world now have desert like environments due to climate changes.

Our systems working range is from a single pot in a garden to a commercial farm.

Water is only provided when requested by a plant or a plantation (subject to appropriate installation of the system).

Generally the water is dispersed with a hose pipe attached to a timer device or is done manually.

Water Management system comparatively evaluates periodically the moisture content in the soil and subsequently replenishes water to the root level hence the system not only conserves water efficiently but also prudently promotes the growth a greener environment that is globally beneficial.

Existing hose pipe or irrigation methods are proving to be an unnecessary waste of water.

Furthermore the equipment is priced by keeping in mind the affordability of individual establishment in Agriculturist, Horticulturist and sports field industries and with a supporting aid from the government (where available), they can afford to install the equipment on their land.

Various experiments have been conducted for the equipment’s end results and these are the facts derived:

  • Water usage was reduced by minimum 70%
  • The yields were better quality
  • The man hour involved were reduced to 15%

Aardra Systems Ltd was awarded Green Business of Year 2016.

The future of the product is to further enhance it that is electronically practical from any corner of the world and yet have the yields most perfect.

Please do look into our website and If you have any questions feel free to get in touch.

Meena Joshi (Manager)

Aardra Systems Ltd-Business to save Water!



Tel: +44 207 164 6163

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