Chairman’s Charity – The Work Ready Programme

The Work Ready Programme aims to ensure that disadvantaged students are able to maximise their opportunities for employment after successfully completing their course of study.

The Programme does this by helping to remove any financial barriers associated with applying for employment or the first key weeks between starting work and their first salary.

The Learning Revolution Trust is a great worthwhile cause that I wish was around during my years in education. Everyone no matter of the hardships they face should have the chance to learn and develop.

– Chairman, Lloyd johnson 

Target Group/Beneficiaries

The Work Ready Programme is aimed at the following students who have successfully completed their course and are:

  • studying at the college’s Work Lab and have been unemployed for at least 6 months
  • aged 16-24 and are progressing to an apprenticeship or traineeship
  • Starting an apprenticeship being delivered by the college

The Offer

Financial support can be used to support the following expenses:

  • Travel – A person in receipt of “out of work benefits” can approach their Job Coach at the JC+ for help with travel costs for employment purposes however this is discretionary and if successful they will only pay one week`s travel. The Work Ready Initiative will provide a 1 month Oyster card for their required zones. This will help with cash flow and budgeting as most people will need to work a month in hand before receiving any salary.
  • Lunch vouchers – As above this will help with cash flow and budgeting as new employees will need to work a month in hand before receiving any salary. No money is available from JC+ for this provision.
  • Childcare – There may be funding available from JC+ for help with childcare costs however some people are not in receipt of benefit and therefore would not be eligible for this support.
  • Specialist equipment – the Work Ready Initiative can assist towards meeting the costs of any necessary equipment, such as specialist tools and PPE.
  • Sector Specific Certification – Many students do have the necessary regulated qualification for their chosen area of employment. Nearly all regulated qualifications are not government funded. For example: a first aid certificate; food hygiene certificate; a CSCS card to work in construction; a DBS check to prepare work in the Health Care or education sectors.
  • Clothing Vouchers – Many people do not have and cannot afford clothes which are suitable for an interview or work. The Initiative funding could be used towards the cost of a suitable outfit for interview or even just a shirt and tie, a pair of shoes. Vouchers could also be used to access the college`s Beauty and Hairdressing department for pre interview makeovers.